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There are no popup advertisements on We hate popups, as much as you do, maybe even more. We do not permit any type of popup advertisements on our website. If you think you have seen popup advertisements on Bonin Sports Cards, please consider the following possible causes:

  • Are the popups occurring after you go to an external website that is listed in one of our categories? If so, then the likelihood is that the website site itself is sending you the popup advertisements, not Bonin Sports Cards. In this case, please inform those responsible for the site that you object to their popup advertisements. Unfortunately, the type of advertising and design that other websites use is out of our control.
  • Are the popups occurring on the Bonin Sports Cards home page? If so, then it is possible that the site that sent you to Bonin Sports Cards generated an "exit" popup advertisement. Again, you will most likely want to inform those responsible that you object to these types of advertisements.
  • Are the popups occurring when you do a search? First consider the possibility that you have recently added to your computer, a file-sharing program such as Kazaa or Claria. If so, then you may have unknowingly installed "adware" which enables third-party popup advertising as you surf the web.

Please take this opportunity to read what Google wrote in response to complaints from users who thought they served popup ads; we feel exactly the same way and urge you to follow their advice for eliminating popups from your web browsing experience.

If you ever notice a popup of Bonin Sports Cards, and you believe that it is originating from our website, please right-click on the popup window and select "Properties". Please send the url address that you see to , so we can investigate the source of the popups. If you can take a screenshot of the popup please include it as well.

No Adware, no Spyware

We feel strongly about improving your online experience. We are alarmed by what we believe is a growing disregard for your rights as computer users. We have seen increasing reports of spyware and other applications that trick you in order to serve you pop-up ads, connect your modem to expensive toll numbers or hijack your browser from the site you're trying to visit.

We do not see this trend reversing itself. In fact, it is getting worse. As a provider of services for users, advertisers, and publishers on the Internet, we feel a responsibility to be proactive about these issues. We have outlined a set of software guidelines that have adopted. And because we strongly believe these guidelines are good for the industry and users worldwide, we will encourage our current and prospective business partners to adopt them as well.

Our Software Guidelines (based on Google's software principles):

  • Software should never trick you into installing it.
  • When an application is installed, it should clearly tell you of its key and significant functions.
  • It should be easy for you to figure out how to disable, delete, or uninstall an application.
  • Applications that alter or change your user experience should be clear they are the reason for those changes.
  • You should know if an application collects or transmits your personal information such as your email or your IP address.
  • Application providers should not allow their products to be bundled with applications that do not meet these guidelines.

Note: If you think you have a deceptive application on your computer, or just want to check to be certain, there are a number of programs that can help you. Spyware Blaster, Spybot Search and Destroy, and LavaSoft's Ad-aware are commonly used. These programs can remove the most common malicious applications.

To Find out more about our policy on popups and spyware, click here!

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