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Ordering Instructions

Thanks for inquiring as to the purchase of sports cards and collectibles directly from us.

Our inventory is listed on the BECKETT MARKETPLACE. You can either use the Beckett Marketplace to purchase cards or we will accept direct orders! If you order directly from us, you will receive an 10% discount on all single cards. This is only available with a DIRECT ORDER. We can not offer this for any purchase made through the Beckett Marketplace.

You can pay direct via using our e-mail address listed on our SiteMap, by money order or personal check. We accept cash but at your own risk. We suggest that you put it in a hard cardholder and tape it up.

We will ship out PayPal and money order orders within 24 hours or ASAP. Personal checks will take up to 7 days to process.

E-mail us a list of the cards you want along with the prices so that we can pull them out of our inventory. Please provide your full name, address with zip code and a phone number if we need to call you. We will pull the cards and hold them for 7 days pending payment.

Send your payment to the address listed on our SiteMap/Contact page. We will e-mail you when we ship your cards.

Louisiana residents MUST add 8.75% sales tax.

Large Self Addressed Envelope , at your risk, accepted on single orders. You provide the toploader.


Any Single Card order over $25 dollars, we will offer free regular shipping. Any order over $100, we will offer free regular shipping and insurance. Any order over $200, we will ship free USPS 2 Day Priority Mail Insured.

Delivery Confirmation.. .60

Insurance (Which we recommend!)

$0.01 to $50.00.....$1.35
50.01 to 100.00......2.25
100.01 to 200.00....3.25
200.01 to 300.00....4.25
300.01 to 400.00....5.25
400.01 to 500.00....6.25
500.01 to 600.00....7.25
600.01 to 700.00....8.25
700.01 to 800.00....9.25
800.01 to 900.00....10.25
900.01 to 1,
1,000.01 to 5,000.00..$11.25 plus $1.10 for each $100 or fraction thereof over $1,000 in desired coverage

Feel free to contact us if you have a question that is not answered here.

We still have over 500,000 cards to enter into our inventory. Bookmark our site and check back with us to see what is new!

Danny Bonin Jr

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